Friday, June 02, 2006

Bahamas 2006

Night #1 (Thursday): Senor Frog’s

Day #1 AM (Friday): walk through Atlantis
Day #1 PM (Friday):, Fish Fry

Night #2 (Friday): Fluid Lounge, Senor Frog’s

Day #2 AM (Saturday): snorkeling at Sandyport Beach
Day #2 PM(Saturday): walk and shop at Downtown

Night #3 (Saturday): “all conch-ed out”

Day #3 ALL DAY (Sunday):

Night #4 (Sunday): Fish Fry block party

Day #5 AM (Monday): souvenir shopping Downtown
Day #5 PM (Monday): went back to Atlantis and sightsee Aquarium… Cabbage Beach sunset…

Night #6 (Monday): dinner at NOBU inside Atlantis

Day #6 AM (Tuesday):
Day #6 PM (Tuesday): Cabbage Beach

Night #7 (Tuesday): dinner at the Oyster Bar

Day #8 (Wednesday): Travel ALL DAY & NIGHT….aaahhhhrrrgggggg

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Family Weekend

Serious or not it was the weekend that Dg's family is coming down to take his 10 year old sister for a birthday bash in Disneyland & California Adventure and for me to meet everybody...
It started Saturday night after I spent the day with Muji packing for her big move on Monday. I went home, rested a little bit and got the call from Dg for the weekend plan... I came over before 8 p.m. to meet them at Dg's loft since we have a dinner reservation at White Lotus for 9 p.m. His brother and his girlfriend were nice. It was crazy at that place since it also happened to be Hayley Duff's birthday, I didn't know she has enough celebrity status in her to have a red carpet event... Anyway, dinner was fine and we sort of had good conversation... A little dancing and then we all went home to Dg's. It was weird sleeping in the guest bedroom while his brother and his girlfriend stayed in the master's bedroom.
Up early the next day and on to Disneyland!!! It was fun. His family were nice and we all had a blast. His sister was adorable and very friendly. A little weird being the smallest person in the group. His sister at ten is almost as tall as me.
Sunday was pretty much the same routine... this time it was California Adventure! They were pretty use to me by now...
Over all, the whole family thing wasn't pressure at all. It was nice actually.

Friday, February 17, 2006

a confession

Thursay night through my exhaustion, I did not want to be alone that night... So I went over to Doug's. It was suppose to be work-out night but there was no way my body would let me do it, besides it was really cold. So we just relaxed, got chicken soup and watched all the tivo'ed shows we missed. My sister and I exchanged rings because her and her boyfriend broke up and he was the one who got her the ring (which happened to be my dream engagement ring;), so I was teasing Doug that his folks might think we're engaged and there went the speech "there is something I need to tell you..."
It wasn't a big deal but I wish he just put it out there from the begining. Turned out, he was married before to the girl he applied fiance visa for. It got annulled because she left 2 months after they got married. He was afraid that someone from his family would slip in mentioning his previous wedding and that would be bad. He wanted me to hear it from him. So I did.
Was I upset? No, not really. He liedwhen I asked him if he ever intended to marry her and he could have told me back then.
I mean, I have been married before and for 8 years... so it's not like it would affect my vision of him... And it was annulled which is precisely his excuse for not telling me, in his mind it meant erased, like it never happened.
I guess I could look at it that way... Of course I could make it an issues but I will not...
I kind of knew he was not telling me everything... I at least hope that this opens another gateway of communications that we have not really gone to.
Anyway... I am meeting his folks this weekend... We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What it means to be happy...

Yesterday was the first time I really celebrated Valentine's Day. About 3 weeks ago, I told my boyfriend that despite the fact that it's a made up holiday, commercialized and ultra-cheeze, I have a need to celebrate it. I thought it's only fair that if I am going to have expectations, that he knows about it. I also thought that if I will have expectations, I should also do something special for my special dude...
I sent him a heart box of Teuscher Chocolates!
I was on a conference call yesterday for my CT project and my other line was ringing, I couldn't pick it up but something in me tells me that it is something I would be ecstatic about. After my conf call, I checked my voicemail and it was from receptio asking me to come pick up a bouquet that got delivered. I was shaking from sheer joy on my way up to the 11th floor. I thought I was going to faint. It was a beautiful arrangement of roses, lilies, carnations and violets! I was from him of course and the best part is that I wasn't expecting it. When I got home, I didn't wait for his call, I just took a quick shower and got all prettied up! I wore a nice flowing black dress and my stilleto (which I only reserve for special kikay situations!) He called at exactly 7:30 just a couple second after I apply the magic mascara. It was perfect! He picked me up brought me to a nice restaurant... candlelight, set menu, mojito... perfect! It was soooo romantic. After that, we went to my house and you know what!!!
This is how it feels to feel special, to feel loved, to feel that he thinks about how he could make you happy. He told me he sent the flowers to my office so that everyone would know that I am taken and indeed I am! The best part is knowing that I deserve this. I deserve to be happy and that he wants me happy and he makes an effort to make me and he is happy to make me happy!
Over all, my first real Valentine was simple and perfect. It was everything I dreamt for it to be with the right man completing the whole package.
Tonight... sculpture class!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Miracles do happen

Just got back from lunch rendezvous with the ex-bc. Yes, I still meet him to catch up on stuff. It's amazing how we developed this friendship. Nothing sexual anymore, no hidden desire, just purely, exchanging life stories that are somewhat interesting. I think we know we can't be together. I am glad my boyfriend is not hyper-jealous. I told him about my ex-bc who became a good friend and that we occassionally see each other. He said as long as no nookie on the side, that's fine. And of course, I wouldn't do anything that I wouldn't want anyone doing to me.
The kicker of the week though, was being in Connecticut/New York, having a great time with my sister and then a blizzard came and all flights were cancelled except mine. That was so unbelievable. It's the stuff that proves to you that there is God! I don't talk much about my beliefs but I do have strong faith in God. I prayed all of Saturday night despite my aching back. We would have gone out, but I chose to just sleep and rest and pray that I don't get stuck there. I had too much work to do and I wanted to see my boyfriend! What else kind of miracle is more obvious than being the only flight to LA that left NY that entire day!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

30 day-out

I am in Connecticut for the 30 day out meeting for the project I am working on. This is my second day here and it's so hectic but I am pumped. Things are looking in the up and up. There are some kinks to iron but over all, I am happy with the big picture results...
My sister came with me and we are driving to New York after this, Friday afternoon to be precised. Hopefully I finish early, so we don't get stuck in Friday traffic. WE would try and catch broadway show and maybe go dancing but definitely go shopping.
Doug's been tivo-ing all the shows I didn't want to miss. So nice:) I hope he is not working tomorrow morning because he is suppose to get an early Valentine surprise. This is our first Valentine together and whatever anyone says about this stupid Valentine-thing being this commercialized made-up-non-holiday... I don't care! I want to feel special because for 8 years, I never did get a good Valentine experience. I hope Doug would do something special. I don't want to expect too much but I am sure it will be better from the past. After all, my boyfriend is special.
I miss him, I wish he was here like last December when we sneak into one of those dorms in the Yale campus to make out *wink*
More hectic schedule tomorrow... better go to sleep now:)
In 30 days I will be back here for the opening night of this present project! Yepee! Another on my belt. I feel like an adult now!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gosh! Time does fly...

I have made a promise to myself to document my life at least once a week, but obviously that has not been the case...
I am at work about ready to call it a day... Since it's Friday, instead of the usual yet pointless happy hour, the whole crew will be going to Ashes & Snow at the Nomadic Museum in Santa Monica. Doug will meet me there and from there... no plans yet.
I had a weird encounter yesterday with a girl who now works where I work but use to work for my ex-H... She was eagerly chatting with me and then suddenly said that she is so surprise in how nice I am??? I didn't even know that she knew that I was the ex-wife. When we were married, he didn't make it a habit of letting other girls know he was married, so why the hell would he even mention that he was??? The thing is, he didn't just mention me... he talked shit about me!!! Why am I surprised? I am not!!! It just baffles me how I never really knew the caliber of the man I married... I guess I sort of did and that's why I ended the insanity. Anyway, her telling me these things just made me realize even more that I have nothing to regret about my decision in starting a new life... And to that note, I am glad I did because I wouldn't have met Doug otherwise:)